About Fornax

Fornax Technologies is your partner and provider for laboratory automation and project management on the basis of new or previously owned and professional refurbished  laboratory equipment.

Ever since the founding in 2011 by Ralf Rändler and Norbert Tiesler, Fornax Technologies plans, develops and installs in cooperation with its clients efficient, perfectly fitting and price performing solutions. We are able to train your employees on site. As a middle-sized company you can expect the highest engagement for your specific wishes and demands. The key to our success is the focus on partnership and flexibility.

Fornax – Our Team

The team of Fornax Technologies consist of design engineers, technicians and application specialists, that incorporate long-standing experience in the area of laboratory, laboratory automation and natural sciences (molecular biology, chemistry).

Our quality policy: second hand but first class!

Fornax Technologies is committed to the principal of sustainability and ecological-efficiency in the area of high quality laboratory equipment within medical analytics and research areas as well as their reuse. As provider with focus on refurbished equipment of complex, high quality and durable laboratory equipment it is our goal, in cooperation with our clients, to determine the individual needs and to satisfy those with our service. Our technicians and programmers guarantee high quality reconstruction of the equipment according to the manufacturers requirements through careful evaluation and restoration. After the refurbishment our products fully meet the requirements of the respective manufacturer – this guarantees the quality and longevity of the products – protects raw materials and the enviroment.

Constant education enhances the competences of our employees and the supply of refurbished laboratory equipment.

Frequent maintenance through the experts of Fornax Technologies supports the longevity of the equipment, lowers operating costs and meet our clients’ demands.

Contact to the client through maintenance, regular client visitation and phone conferences as well as the accurate fault analytics in the case of reclamation are central elements of our company and are necessary in order to examine the quality of our products and services. Solely due to this we are able to continuously improve our services and therewith live up to our growing sophisticated client base.

Yet another instrument of our quality policy is the market analysis. Communication with the clients and the frequent attendance of trade fairs provide Fornax Technologies with important information about product developments and client requirements. 

Products and services

Our product lines and services include:

  • Sample Archiving for Biobanks in the low temperature range
  • Pipetting Solutions from Apricot Designs®
  • Trade with new and/or professionell refurbished laboratory equipment, e.g. Tecan devices
  • Maintenance, Repair Service and Programming of Tecan® Freedom Evo® and Genesis® devices and data links.
  • Programming of Graphical User Interfaces for e.g. Gemini® and EVOware® (Fornax F-Tools)
  • Construction and Design of customized solutions

Freedom EVO®, Genesis Freedom® and Tecan® are registered trademarks of Tecan Group Ltd.Männedorf Switzerland

On request we gladly establish contact to our reference customers from Germany, Switzerland, Austria and many other European countries.