Apricot ABAR

The Apricot Blood Aliquot Robot 24-Tube, 6-Position ABAR246 is a low-cost solution for the automation of blood fractionation for bio banking, cryo storage, blood banking or clinical testing. When blood sample buffy coat or plasma needs to be transferred from a centrifuged blood tube to a smaller storage tube, the ABAR offers a step beyond tedious manual pipetting.


ABAR246 Semi-Automated Blood Fractionation System

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Semi-automated fraction detection combined with automated pipetting
The ABAR includes a high-definition camera that captures and displays an image of each blood tube on a computer display. The user can quickly determine the location of the interface between each of the three blood fractions (red blood cells, buffy coat, & plasma). The user visually identifies the layer interfaces and the top of the liquid using the mouse and this information is stored. Once the layer interfaces have been identified the system takes over and will automatically transfer the desired layer from each blood tube to one or more micro storage tubes using a high-performance pipettor with disposable tips.

The system is configured with a 24-position blood tube carousel and a 6-position microplate footprint deck. The disposable pipette tips and up to 5 racks of storage tubes are placed on the deck.

  • No cross-contamination between samples; High-performance pipettor uses disposable tips
  • High definition camera for accurate fraction definition
  • Easy interface for defining blood fraction levels
  • Bar code scanner for automated sample identification / tracking



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