1 litre

Fornax Cleaner weekly

Art. 3701011 1000mL concentrate
for 5 Litre cleaning solution


Alkaline cleaning solution, blue, with intense effect for laboratory & pipetting systems

  • Application: weekly cleaning
  • A blend of three highly effective surfactants for removal of biological debris.
  • Intensive effect on plastic and metal surfaces without attacking them.
  • Microbicidal agents eliminate the present layer of germs.
Fornax Cleaner daily

Art. 371012 1000mL concentrate
for 10 Litre cleaning solution


Cleaning solution, red, for laboratory and pipetting systems

  • Application: daily cleaning
  • Detergent with a pH of 4 (weakly acidic)
  • Effect: Antibacterial and antifungal
  • The bacterial nucleation is suppressed immediately after flushing of the laboratory and pipetting systems.

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