Positive Pressure for Solid Phase Extraction, Filtration and Evaporation – automated SPE

Fornax Extraction SPE Workstation

Base: EVO® 100 with Fornax SPE Processor, LiHA and RoMa

Fornax GUI

Fornax Graphical User Interface (GUI)             for Fornax SPE Processor on Tecan platform

SPE with the Positive Pressure Unit of Fornax Video on Youtube


Fornax SPE Processor (96 channels) allows automated purification/extraction on Tecan Evo platforms at pressures up to 100 psig (approx. 7 bar) for these applications:

  • Solid Phase Extraction e.g. for DNA-Extraction
  • Solid Phase Purification e.g. with SOLA SPE cartridges/plates from Thermo Fisher Scientific
  • Protein Sample Concentration or Buffer Exchange, e.g. with Amicon Ultra or D-Tube from Millipore or Vivaspin from Sartorius without centrifugation step
  • Sterile filtration
  • Flexible automated handling of 1 up to 384 samples e.g. single filter tubes up to 96/384 filter plates
  • Evaporation

Advantage compared to vacuum station or centrifugation:

  • Simple retrofitting into liquid handler series EVO 100, 150 and 200 from Tecan
  • Constant pressure is maintained in each of the cavities, even if only one well position or column are filled.
  • Driving force up to 100 psig (approx. 7 bar) is 6 times stronger than vacuum.
  • The time required for the automated extraction process is reduced.
  • The same constant pressure to every of the x-independent well positions/columns provides reproducible analyte recoveries and a uniform extraction.
  • A delimited part of a filter plate or filter column plate can be processed without masking.
  • The processor is self-adjusting to labware height.
  • Various adapters allow the use of filter plates (e.g. 96 or 384 plates) and filter columns of various formats.
  • Optional variable electronic pressure control for extraction provides highest flexibility for different separation steps.


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Fornax product paper for SPE workstation